Explore the ranch on our abandoned county road. Become acquainted with a lamb (or a donkey, a chicken, deer or wild turkey). Relax on your front porch and enjoy a sunset. End the night swapping stories around a fire. Make memories.
Playing at Agarita Creek

A stay at Agarita Creek is all about disconnecting from the routine and reconnecting with things that really matter; you, and the ones you love. That is the essence of the place we call home.

So, there are no TV or internet connections in our cabins. There are small TVs for video watching and a stock of movies, and plenty of books and board games for old fashioned fun. There is wireless internet at the main house, office, and guest suite, and probably on your smart phone as well. But we strongly recommend detaching and taking stock of your surroundings instead; that screen will still be there when you return home.

Outside there is a large variety of terrain ranging from pasture land, to a creek valley, to ridgelines on both sides of that creek valley. And there are trails, truck roads, and even an abandoned county road to explore the ranch. And, of course, there is abundant wildlife – whitetail deer (along with the occasional axis), turkeys, birds of every variety, rabbits, squirrels, fox, and even an occasional bobcat. And there is livestock – a large herd of Jacob and Navajo Churro sheep, heritage breeds of chicken, a handful of Dexter cows, donkeys, and the matriarch of them all – a gentle Great Pyrenees named Beatrice. Want to participate in what’s going on at the farm – up close and personal? Just give us a call. That is why we are here; to share in our experiences with our guests.